Visit one of the many green spaces on campus to conduct your next meeting or class outside.
Visit one of the many green spaces on campus to conduct your next meeting or class outside.

The New Year offers hope and potential for change, and meaningful change starts with small but impactful actions. These campus and Atlanta resources will help inspire you in 2022.

The New Year offers hope and potential for change, and meaningful change starts with small but impactful actions and the creation of specific, sustainable goals that align with your core values. Below are twenty-two ideas to inspire you and help tap into campus and Atlanta resources. Make 2022 a year in which you thrive! 

  1. Schedule a weekly walk with a co-worker or friend. Follow the Pi Mile course or learn more about the sculptures and history of campus through tours available on the Campus Map. 
  2. Switch to an alternative commute one day per week. From regional bus service to riding your bike or MARTA, explore your transportation options with PTS's Commute Concierge and learn more about incentives for choosing a cleaner commute from Georgia Commute Options.  
  3. Incorporate local, seasonal produce into your meals with the new Farm Share program, which delivers personalized boxes of produce and much more from Rise N Shine Farm to campus each week. 
  4. Volunteer in your community. STAR (Students' Temporary Assistance and Resources) is a network of programs dedicated to connecting students with the resources that they need to thrive, and they need volunteers to participate in food recovery shifts, sponsor food collection events, or you can contact Steve Fazenbaker for help with facilitating a service project. 
  5. Join one of Georgia Tech's seven Employee Resource Groups (ERG), organized around common dimensions of diversity. ERGs are designed to offer forums where like-minded employees can enhance their employment experiences. 
  6. Try the CRC's recreational fitness classes. Discover classes that help develop strength, get you moving, or provide a time to release tension and focus on the breath. 
  7. Conduct a meeting or class outside once per week; consider the EcoCommons and different gardens and green spaces throughout campus. 
  8. Deepen your appreciation and understanding of the universe by attending a public night at the Georgia Tech Observatory
  9. Learn more about the dimensions of well-being by participating in a workshop through Be Well, Georgia Tech’s Benefits Education and Wellness series, or exploring their library of past presentations. 
  10. Join a Tapping Circle for Stress and Calm. Tapping Circles are offered weekly online. 
  11. Make sure that your bike is ready to ride. Learn to repair and maintain your bike with Starter Bikes on Fridays from 4 - 7 p.m. or bring it to Aztec Cycles at the Community Market on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
  12. Go meatless one day a week and prioritize seasonal produce; use the Nutrislice app to explore Dining's daily vegetarian options and explore recipes from Health Initiatives. 
  13. Watch a two-minute video to learn about office recycling through the AWARE (Actively Working to Achieve Resource Efficiency) program and empty your desk-side containers each afternoon. 
  14. Each day, walk or ride to one place that you would normally drive. Consider using a Relay Bike for a meeting across campus. 
  15. Try 3-5 minutes of meditation each day. Browse the Counseling Center's list of free podcasts and apps for options. 
  16. Try a new adventure outdoors. ORGT (Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech) rents camping and boating equipment to the Georgia Tech community. 
  17. Explore learning opportunities through the Campus Learning Directory and participate in a program, event, or activity that excites or inspires you. 
  18. Connect with co-workers each week at $5 Friday in North Ave and Brittain Dining Halls, where employees can enjoy a reduced door rate of $5 for lunch. Open to faculty and staff using Faculty/Staff Dining Dollars. 
  19. Identify your personal strengths and opportunities as a people leader with PLAT (People Leader Assessment Tool). PLAT provides a personalized learning roadmap, which serves as a year-long professional development plan. 
  20. Create a self-care plan and schedule the time into your week. Consider a yoga class, walk, or schedule a massage therapy session at the CRC.
  21. Write a letter of support to a fellow Yellow Jacket. Each week until Feb. 15, Georgia Tech Arts will be partnering with a different group on campus to uplift our community through a campus-wide letter-writing campaign
  22. Commit to volunteering to support fellow Yellow Jackets this semester. Whether it's through Commencement, Move-In, Week of Welcome, or events like Midnight Breakfast, find a way to engage with the campus community.