Campus Services is one of the five business units that are part of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Division of Administration. Campus Services has six departments:

In addition to these departments, Campus Services has an administrative staff devoted to strategically and tactically consolidating services into one Campus Services and thereby one Georgia Tech. These administrative services are:

  • Capital Projects
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Sustainability

In its daily operations, Campus Services concentrates on customer excellence and annually asks its customers to evaluate its services by taking a customer satisfaction survey. This survey has 14 years of data, showing most business services ranking in the 4s in overall customer satisfaction (Ratings based on a 1:5 scale with 5 being the highest).

Campus Services also gathers opinions from its student population during monthly luncheon meetings called Leader 2 Leader whereby students meet with office administrators to discuss ways to improve Campus Services’ programs, facilities, and services.

Campus Services holds memberships in professional organizations and benefits from its affiliations with state, regional, national, and international professional organizations, including the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS). Campus Services’ staff is representative of many professional organizations as it consistently holds leadership positions in these national and international groups.

Campus Services administrative office is located in the Smithgall Student Services Building (the Flag Building), 353 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30332, 404-894-1822 and can be reached by the Facebook Page​ and the Contact Us​ page.

Leadership Team

Our administrative office is comprised of a Leadership team, devoted to strategically and tactically consolidating services into one Campus Services and thereby on Georgia Tech.

Mission and Vision

Campus Services facilitates the creation of a vibrant learn, live, work, play community and enhances the quality of campus life for students, faculty, staff and guests through the delivery of extraordinary services, programs and facilities.

Planning & Assessment

The planning and assessment processes of the Campus Services units are part of the comprehensive Georgia Tech institutional effectiveness plan.