Students at Georgia Tech are so much more than people studying for a degree or career. Many of them create programs, services and designs for us to use throughout our lives through their research and interest in co-curricular activities. Many of them too are student employees. 

With almost as many student employees as full-time staff working in its nine departments, Campus Services began Fall Semester 2014 recognizing its student employees who perform above and beyond the normal employee by awarding Student Employee Spotlights. 

The Spotlight recipients are nominated by their supervisor who answers the question, “why do you think your student is a superior Campus Services student employee?”

Spotlight recipients receive a Campus Services Spotlight Certificate, a goodie bag of Campus Services items, including a T-shirt and other Georgia Tech spirit items, and receive recognition on the Campus Services website and Facebook pages. The Spotlight recipient’s name is also placed on the Campus Services Student Employee Spotlight plaque. The plaque is housed in the Student Center so that visitors can see the Campus Services Student Employee Spotlights.

Any supervisor of a Campus Services student employee may nominate his/her student at any time during the Semester by sending an email to Melissa Moore.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


To nominate an employee or student employee, email Melissa Moore at