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​Auxiliary Services Council of Georgia

​The documents from the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Auxillary Services Council of Georgia may be accessed here.

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​​​C​ampus Services Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

The results of the 2016 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

To view the 2017 Campus Services Customer Satisfaction Survey, click here​​

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​​​BuzzFunds Annual Report 2017


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​​Campus Services Executive Briefing


If you would like a printed version of the FY 2016 Executive Briefing, email Melissa Moore​.

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Media Filming on Georgia Tech Campus

There are two scenarios that determine how to proceed:

If the group wants to film on campus, the first point of contact is Lisa Grovernstein (Institute Communications). The script will be reviewed. If the script is approved, the filming company is then referred to Beverly Peace (Office of Space Management) to provide further information regarding schedule, fees, contracts, etc.

If the group only wants to rent a parking lot and they are not filming on campus, the group is referred to Debraca Shelton (Special Events, Parking & Transportation Services). If Parking & Transportation Services approves a parking location for them to rent, Parking & Transportation Services will then email all the information to Beverly Peace. Beverly will notify the appropriate administrators that is is not a film shoot but that the company is renting parking space.​

AND most importantly:

All groups requesting information about on-campus filming or parking concerned with filming should contact Beverly Peace for direction on how to proceed.

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Newsletters & West Village

​Campus Services Newsletters

- February 2018 Newsletter

- January 2018 Newsletter

- December 2017 Newsletter

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October 2017 Newsletter

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- August 2017 Newsletter

- July 2017 Newsletter

- West Village Information 

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