Students selected as Spring 2017 Campus Services Student Spotlights!

Adam Kinsel recognized as Extraordinary Student Employee

Adam Kinsel
2nd Year, Electrical Engineering major
Procurement & Business Services, Logistics Team

David Montgomery, Logistics & Surplus Coordinator, said of Adam:

“Adam is self-sufficient and requires little direction. He takes great notes on the surplus steps and processes and is able to come in and start working. He never has a complaint; he enjoys working at the desk as well as in the surplus warehouse (likes putting his gloves on and being hands on). He does the majority of the surplus appointments and has become familiar with the visitors. He is eager to assist them with loading items and locating surplus in the warehouse. He is great about making us aware of any changes in his work schedule due to school. He is inquisitive about surplus and no task is too small or too large.

Adam has made us more aware about campus events and breaks. He brings in some of his projects to show us what he is working on with school; we are amazed by his creativity. While working, we talk about life and Georgia Tech, and he enjoys the diverse conversations and learning different things he might not know about Atlanta. He is more than a work student; Adam has really become a part of our Georgia Tech Logistics team.”

We asked Adam to tell us a bit about himself. Here’s what he said.

“How long have you worked in this position?”

  • I have worked at the Procurement & Business Services for slightly longer than a year, since March of 2016.

“What are your duties in this position?”

  • Working for the Logistics team, some of the tasks I work on are meeting for appointments with other Georgia Tech employees from various Georgia Tech departments to show them surplus items they could possibly use for their departments, update logistics and surplus website databases, and filing surplus tickets for items being moved into the surplus.

“What do you like best about working in this position?”

  • Working at the Procurement & Business Services, I like the work environment best. All the coworkers are very welcoming, open to questions and assisting you with any tasks, and extremely supportive and caring of the students and what they are doing outside of the office. For those reasons, I feel very welcome and enjoy working there.

“How has this position helped you?”

  • This position has been very helpful with providing me a taste of what it is like to work in an office. This was my first experience having my own desk, being assigned tasks to complete without supervision at every moment of the day. As a result, it has helped me with becoming more responsible and professional.

“What have you learned through working here?”

  • Through my experience here, I have learned how to manage my time effectively and be open to any requested task.

“Favorite Restaurant/Food?”

  • My favorite food place around Atlanta is Felini’s Pizza.

“Favorite Spot on Campus?”

  • My favorite spot on campus is Tech Green. It is the best place to go on a beautiful day to have lunch or just relax with friends.

“What do you like to do on the weekends?”

  • On the weekends, I like to go to attend Georgia Tech student events such as swing dancing, go to piedmont park, play spikeball, and host board game nights.

“Who is your favorite professor and why?”

  • My favorite professor is Professor Yoder. I had him for ECE 2040 (Circuit Analysis), and I really enjoyed his class because I felt he did an excellent job at explaining the material in a clear, simple manner and then furthered his eplanations for his examples by explaining why each result we got was a reasonable, real-world result. Overall, he challenges his students but prepares them well which makes it feel very rewarding.

“What is your favorite class and why?”

  • My favorite class at Georgia Tech so far has been ECE 2881 Practical Skills and Design. It was a very neat class that taught me a lot of extremely useful skills as well as guided me towards building my first project. This class has inspired me to start designing and creating my own projects using the skills that I have acquired from the class.

“Tell us about some organizations you’re involved with on campus.”

  • Currently, I am involved in undergraduate research with the Opportunity Research Scholars program (ORS), intramural soccer, and have started to involve myself with GT Motorsports.

“What advice do you have for incoming students?”

  • My advice for students is to study abroad when you get the chance. Last summer I went to France for the Georgia Tech Lorraine program and had the time of my life while continuing to take classes.

“Favorite TV show?”

  • My favorite TV show is The Office.

“What will you miss most about Tech after graduation?”

  • I will miss seeing friends from college on a regular basis.


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