Rachel Gilmore: A Georgia Tech Grad and Campus Services Student Spotlight all in one week

Rachel Gilmore
4th Year, Chemistry, Pre-Health Concentration with Minor in Biology
Stamps Pharmacy

When the call went out for Student Spotlight nominations, Nina Thoman, manager, Stamps Pharmacy, quickly replied with “I highly recommend Ms. Rachel Gilmore for the Campus Services Student Spotlight.”

She went on to say, Rachel “has been an integral part of the Stamps Health Services (SHS) Pharmacy team since January 2016. Not only does Rachel work in the Pharmacy, but she is involved with several other organizations on campus including Alpha Chi Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, and WRECKless.

“When a new student in particular gets ill and seeks out care at SHS, it can be stressful and emotional. Many of our patients will tell us that they have never handled their own health care until now, so it is extremely important that we assist and guide them in the right direction. These new students are particularly happy to see a familiar face when they enter the Pharmacy as Rachel knows many students on campus from her involvement with FASET.

“Rachel is always very professional and caring with all of our patients. Even though our patients may not feel well, they always leave with a better outlook on their day after interacting with Rachel!”

Rachel graduated from Georgia Tech on Saturday, May 6, and has already been accepted into the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

Congratulations, Rachel!

Like all Student Spotlights, we asked Rachel to tell us more about herself. Here's what she told us. 

“How long have you worked in this position at Stamps Pharmacy?”

  • Since January, 2016

“What are your duties in this position?”

  • I greet patients dropping off and picking up prescriptions, complete drug verification, count medication and label prescriptions, and complete various tasks around the Pharmacy to make the pharmacists’ busy lives a little easier

“What do you like best about working in this position?”

  • I love getting to serve the Tech community in this way. Helping a student navigate their own health care is really rewarding. A lot of people come into the Pharmacy not feeling well, and it is easy to tell that doing my job with a smile can help brighten someone’s bad day, even just a little bit.

“How has this position helped you?”

  • This position helped confirm that pharmacy is the right career for me and has given me wonderful experience going into pharmacy school next year.

“What have you learned through working here?”

  • I’ve learned a lot about how the pharmacy is run, how insurance works, etc. I’ve also learned the value of patience and a lot about how to go about customer service to make it a pleasant experience for both parties.

“Favorite Book?”

  • I’m currently rereading Pride and Prejudice, which is one of my favorites! I also love Gone Girl and Girl on the Train.

“Favorite Restaurant/Food?”

  • I love Pauley’s Crepe Bar and any kind of Mexican food!

“Favorite Spot on Campus?”

  • Tech Tower

“Favorite Quotes?”

  • “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” -Mumford & Sons

“What do you like to do on the weekends?”

  • Hang out with my friends and explore Atlanta

“Who is your favorite professor and why?”

  • Dr. Jennie Lincoln taught my International Affairs class on the Georgia Tech Pacific Program 2015, and she was amazing. She has so many incredible stories to share that made the class material more interesting, and outside of class she takes a genuine interest in her students that is unparalleled.

“What is your favorite class and why?”

  • I loved Quantitative Analysis, or CHEM 2211, because we learned all about the math and the calculations that made me interested in chemistry in the first place.

“Tell us about some organizations you’re involved with on campus.”

  • I just finished me term as president of Wreckless, an organization devoted to spreading fun and positivity on campus in a pressure-free way. I’ve also been a FASET Leader for two summers and was on FASET Cabinet 2016. I was on the founding executive board for the KNIT Mentorship Program. I’m a sister of Alpha Chi Omega and a member of Georgia Tech's circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national leadership honor society.

“What advice do you have for incoming students?”

  • Pave your own way! Everyone is quick to tell you that you have to do this or you need to get involved with that, but your Tech experience is your own and you get to decide how to shape it. Just make sure you make the most of what you want while you have the chance.

“What would people be surprised to know about you?”

  • I’m color blind!

“Favorite TV show?”

  • Gilmore Girls and Parks & Recreation

“What will you miss most about Tech after graduation?”

  • All of the people! My amazing friends and mentors at Georgia Tech have made this place home and it is going to be so hard to leave.



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