Malik Barton, Georgia Tech Residence Hall Association, gets Spotlight Award!

Malik Barton
4th Year, Electrical Engineering major
Residence Hall Association

Everyone said it couldn’t be done. No way could the 2017 Campus Services Carnivale top the 2016 event. But apparently someone forgot to tell Malik Barton that because due to his direction with the Residence Hall Association, the 2017 event was a clear winner for Best Carnivale ever!

We had more volunteers than we’ve ever had. We had more people attend than we ever have. Within the first hour, our advertisement that the “first 500 people to attend will get T-shirts and insulated tumblers” had to be removed because all the tumblers were gone and we scrambled to get more T-shirts there. At the end of the event, every medium T-shirt in stock had been given out as well as all the extra pizza and cookies we had bought.

We had 25 percent more unique BuzzCard swipes for students to try to win large prizes like an iPad, GoPro camera, Amazon gift cards and $1,000 off Housing’s spring rent with a whopping 15,906 total swipes (students could swipe at more than one table or display for a chance to win).

And it was fun for staff and volunteers as well as the students who played the games and ate the cookies and pizza. And while we will never say never again, the 2017 Carnivale will go down in the annals of Georgia Tech history as a “helluva” event!

Thank you, Malik, for not accepting that the bar has been raised as high as it will go and for all your leadership and guidance to make the 2017 Carnivale a memorable event for all of us.

We are happy to award you the Spotlight Award.

Read on for more about Malik:

“How long have you worked in this position?

  • 1 year

“What are your duties in this position?”

  • To plan campus wide events for RHA and manage items that we check out to other organization on campus. I also help plan other events that happen inside and outside of housing.

“What do you like best about working in this position?”

  • I love the people that I meet through event planning on campus and creating event every student scan have fun and relax.

“How has this position helped you?”

  • This position has helped me to grow as a person, learn how to manage my time well and help to bolster my leadership skills.

“What have you learned through working here?”

  • I have learned a lot about the GT campus as a whole and what it truly means to be the head of a major organization.

“Favorite Book?”

 The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz

“Favorite Restaurant/Food?”

  • Tomato Basil Bisque

“Favorite Spot on Campus?”

  • Hammocking in the Burger bowl

“What do you like to do on the weekends?”

  • Rock Climb indoors and outdoors

“Who is your favorite professor and why?”

  • Dr. Samuel Graham; he is my mentor and guide for all things outside of the classroom.

“What is your favorite class and why?”

  • ECE 4321 - Power Systems Engineering. I learned the basics about design power systems, something I hope to work on after I graduate.

“Tell us about some organizations you’re involved with on campus.”

  • The Residence Hall Association offers the chance to make a difference on-campus. As an officer, you will have the authority to allocate money, join committees, advocate on important issues, and grow as an individual. You also have the opportunity to lead committees, increase advocating opportunities, and even run for an executive board position! Some benefits include attending conferences, lunch and learns, banquets, and our off-campus retreat. Every resident on campus is a member of the Residence Hall Association. Those who wish to lead their fellow residents can become a Hall Council Officer or Committee Chair. The Residence Hall Association strives to act with our values system, vision statement, and tenets always in mind.

“What advice do you have for incoming students?”

  • Be engaged in GT, being a student is more than getting a 4.0 GPA. It's about making connections, learning about yourself, gaining experience working with others and getting a 4.0 GPA.

“What would people be surprised to know about you?”

  • I am actually a transfer student from Dalton State College

“Favorite TV show?”

  • Steven Universe

“What will you miss most about Tech after graduation?”

  • The unique people I have met here.


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