Eugene Mangortey, Conference Services, selected as excellent Campus Services employee!

Eugene Mangortey
4th year, Aerospace Engineering major
Conference Services

If spring semester is finished and you are on the Georgia Tech campus, there’s a good possibility you will see Eugene Mangortey welcoming groups, camps, interns and many more people to campus through Georgia Tech’s Conference Services’ program.

And because he is an exceptionally good employee, Campus Services selected him as a Campus Services Student Spotlight for Spring Semester 2017.

“Eugene deserves the spotlight!” said John Nussear, director, Conference Services.

Eugene received more compliments from his Conference Services’ managers.

“Eugene Mangortey is an incredible student staff member,” said Sravanthi Meka, marketing manager, Housing & Conference Services.  “Honestly, he is more like a professional staff person, who just so happens to be a student.”

One thing that both John and Sravanthi agree is that Eugene should be recognized as a Spotlight. They wrote in a joint nomination:

“Our unit would not be as successful as it is without Eugene Mangortey.

“Eugene began working for Conference Services four years ago as a Conference Assistant and Set-Up Team Member. His talents and skills for logistical planning, multi-tasking, information technology and customer service quickly became evident.

“After a year, he was promoted to Conference Coordinator (intern) and has been excelling in that role over the last three summers. Eugene is extremely well-respected by his colleagues, campus partners and clients. He has taken on the coordination of one of our largest, most complex conference programs (Duke TiP) and produced excellent results. Among other conferences and camps, Eugene has a large role in the sales duties, logistical preparation and on-site service for our largest revenue generating line of business, the Intern and Extended Lodging Program.

“In his time with us, Eugene has created new processes, streamlined efficiencies and taken the lead on important projects and meetings, all with poise and a good-natured attitude.

“Eugene graduated Saturday [May 6] with a BS in Aerospace Engineering, and he will be pursuing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in System Design and Optimization in the fall here at Georgia Tech. He is also an RA in Hopkins Residence Hall.

And what is this remarkable student doing in between his May graduation and starting the Fall Semester PhD program?

Well, for the first half of summer, he’s working with Conference Services, naturally  and for a break in July, he plans to travel to the Caribbean, then to Europe and on to South Africa before returning to Georgia Tech in the fall.

When we asked Eugene what else he could tell us about himself, here’s what he said:

“How long have you worked in this position?”

  • 3 years

“What are your duties in this position?”

  • I Coordinate Georgia Tech's Intern Lodging Program as well as other summer conferences on campus

“What do you like best about working in this position?”

  • The friendly work environment and amazing team spirit

“How has this position helped you?”

  • As a Georgia Tech student, I believe that it is important to develop skills other than those taught in the classroom. This position provided me with the opportunity to develop my interpersonal, networking, and logistical planning skills.

“What have you learned through working here?"

  • Multitasking is an important skill to have.

“Favorite Restaurant/Food?”

  • Noodle Midtown

“Favorite Spot on Campus?”

  • Clough rooftop

“Favorite Quotes?”

  • "Oh snap! It's about to go down!" - Eugene Mangortey

“What do you like to do on the weekends?”

  • I binge watch T.V shows, go bowling, or hang out with friends

“Who is your favorite professor and why?”

  • My favorite professor is Dr. Lakshmi Sankar. He is a fantastic mentor and instructor.

“What is your favorite class and why?”

  • Systems Dynamics and Control (AE 3515). I  thoroughly enjoyed the subject material. This class reminded me of why I want to be an Aerospace Engineer.

“Tell us about some organizations you’re involved with on campus.”:

  • Georgia Tech International Ambassadors, Sigma Gamma Tau, Georgia Tech Lorraine Ambassador, Undergraduate Research, Georgia Tech Lorraine Student Government President

“What advice do you have for incoming students?”


“What would people be surprised to know about you?”

  • I have been on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

“Favorite TV show?”

  • House of Cards




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