Precautions for Pneumonia
Posted 11/8/2012
Although there have been a few cases of flu on campus this season, Student Health Services is seeing a significant increase in cases of pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma pneumonia, sometimes called “walking pneumonia.”

 Mycoplasma is contagious. Patients usually have fever, prolonged cough, sore throat and headaches.
To limit exposure, please:
• Eat well and get enough sleep
• Sneeze/cough into the crook of your elbow
• Wash your hands frequently or use sanitizer
• Dispose of used tissues properly
• Stay in your residence if you are sick
If you have had a prolonged cough and fever please seek medical care. For more information, visit To contact Stamps Health Services, call 404-894-1423 or 404-894-0248.