Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds
Posted 11/15/2010
Auxiliary Services is one of three campus entities that receives proceeds from the sale of licensed merchandise. Georgia Tech calls these proceeds  BuzzFunds.
The Alumni Association and Athletic Association use BuzzFunds that they receive to pay for scholarships and other programs.

Auxiliary Services gives its BuzzFunds back to students  through individual programs and events.

During fiscal year 2009-10, Auxiliary Services provided  funding to 44 student and department groups.

Any chartered student organization recognized by the Student Government Association may request BuzzFunds from Auxiliary Services via its BuzzFunds Guidelines posted on

As stated in the Guidelines, proposals must be submitted electronically and must include a budget, what items the group needs funding assistance and who will benefit from the program or event.

While Auxiliary Services generally provides partial funding for programs and events, it typically funds specific items like food, T-shirts, promotional items and published pieces like programs and invitations.

If you have questions about  BuzzFund requests, read the BuzzFund Guidelines posted on or e-mail Melissa Moore,