​Leadership Team

Georgia Tech Campus Services strives to enhance the quality of student, faculty, staff and visitors' lives by delivering a variety of essential goods and services with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and customer service.

In addition to the nine departments that make up Campus Services, there is also an administrative office comprised of a Leadership team that is devoted to strategically and tactically consolidating services into one Campus Services and thereby one Georgia Tech. You can find the breakdown on the Organizational Chart.​

Leadership Team

JulieAnne Williamson
JulieAnne Williamson
Interim - Vice President - Campus Services
Email: julieanne.williamson@carnegie.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.1822
Carolina Amero
Senior Director - Auxiliary Services
Email: carolina.amero@gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.2803
Dr. Lindsay Bryant
Senior Director - Student Center
Email: lindsay.bryant@stucen.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.2014
Stacy Connell
Senior Director, Health Initiatives
Email: stacy.connell@health.gatech.edu
Phone: 404-385-2558
Sherry Davidson
Senior Director - Parking & Transportation Services
Email: sherry.davidson@pts.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.385.7275
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards
Senior Director - Campus Recreation (CRC)
Email: michael.edwards@crc.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.3562
Staci Flores
District Manager - Georgia Tech Dining Services
Email: staci.flores@sodexo.com
Phone: 404.894.2383
Rick Gibson
Interim Assistant Vice President - Department of Housing
Email: rick.gibson@housing.gatech.edu
Phone: 404-894-2486
Barbara Hanschke
Senior Director of Finance - Campus Services
Email: barbara.hanschke@gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.8155
Dr. Benjamin Holton
Senior Director - Health Services
Email: benjamin.holton@health.gatech.edu
Phone: 404-385-1938
Director of Communications & PR - Campus Services
Deputy Director, Campus Services ITG
Noel Moreno
Deputy Director, Campus Services ITG
Email: noel@gatech.edu
Phone: 404 217-1494
Brad Morris
Director, Capital Projects - Campus Services
Email: brad.morris@aux.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.6744
Reshma Patel
Director - Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech
Email: reshma.patel@bks.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.0881
James Pete
James A. Pete
Deputy Chief Information Officer - Campus Services
Email: james.pete@itg.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.0622
Dr. Janine Vienna
Director, Unit Plan and Assessment
Email: janine.vienna@gatech.edu
Phone: 404-385-5146